Sam Bailey honoured to perform at a special show in L.A.

On the 9th February Sam was honoured to perform at ‘A Night with Steve Dorff and Friends’ in L.A.

The special night was dedicated to Steve Dorff’s son, who tragically passed away in December 2016. The night was a blazing success with many iconic artists taking to the stage, including Dylan Chambers. Some up and coming musicians also graced the stage including Norwood, whose impressive vocals and Steve Dorff’s approval ensure they will be making their stamp on the industry soon!

Sam was also a part of the fantastic acts to take the stage, through her mind-blowing vocals she tore the roof off the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center. She performed many songs from her new album, which she worked closely with Steve Dorff on producing. Her iconic voice and powerhouse vocals were a great tribute to the loss suffered by Steve Dorff.

The night was a fantastic success and Sam, as well as the many high-profile guests, were the perfect way to memorialise Steve Dorff’s son, who was following in his father’s footsteps as an iconic music producer.