Sam Bailey partners with Steven Brown and the National Autistic Society

Tommy McCoo

In 2021 Sam Bailey partnered with renowned artist Steven Brown on an art project to raise awareness of autism and help raise funds for the National Autism Society.
‘Tommy McCoo’ is a special addition to Brown’s famous ‘McCoos’ collection and came to fruition after Sam’s son Tommy was diagnosed with Autism and Dyspraxia in 2020. After a conversation between Sam and Steven, who have been friends for years, about Tommy’s diagnosis Steven was inspired to create the design.
The work made to represent the Autism Spectrum is comprised of the National Autistic Society’s spectrum colours against a grey background with an infinity symbol, which represents neurodiversity, on Tommy’s cap. The painting is used to celebrate Tommy and the 700,000 autistic people in the UK.Not only being used to raise awareness, the project will also help raise vital funds for the National Autism Society with 5% of the proceeds being donated to the organisation to help aid their fantastic ongoing work.
Talking about Tommy McCoo Sam said: “What we’re really trying to do here is not only help and celebrate Tommy but also others following a similar path”. “I couldn’t be happier with the final piece. Tommy absolutely loves it and I hope it can provide a symbol for other children and families dealing with issues facing autistic people like we have.”